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Sanctuary Light Restoration

A little known fact about the lights in Trinity's sanctuary is that they are adorned with pewter winged griffins.  Years of tarnish have obscured the visibility of the griffins and other design elements of these gorgeous lights.  That is about to change!  The Board of Trustees has authorized the refurbishing of the lights by Grand Light Company in Seymour, CT.  Each of the lights will be removed and transported to the company headquarters where they will be cleaned, rewired, repaired, and restored to their original beauty.  The first half were recently removed and restoration has begun on them.

We learned that when griffins are used on sanctuary lights, there is always one with different colored wings.  The Trinity lights feature pewter wings on all except one which is steel.  Close up pictures of these can be seen below.

We recently received the following message from Grand Light Company detailing the progress of the restoration:

We are making great progress with the restoration of your fixtures. We have implemented a 5 step cleaning process in order to revel the original raw metal look, along with several intricate details which had been lost in build-up of grime on these pieces. This process includes ultrasonic cleaning, hand cleaning, walnut blasting, soda blasting, and various levels of hand burnishing to highlight details on the fixtures. The transformation we have seen so far has been amazing. 

The first half of the sanctuary lights have been restored and will be installed back in the sanctuary during the last week in February.  At that time, the other half will be removed and taken to be cleaned and restored by Grand Light.  They should be completed and back at Trinity by Easter.

Grand Light has created a web page to document the process and we invite you to check it out at this link.

These are some images that Grand Light Company shared with us as well as some our Trustees took when they visited to check the progress of the restoration.   You can click on individual images for more detail.