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Helpful Hints for Purchasing Boar's Head Festival Tickets

ALL tickets except wheelchair accessible seats are purchased thru Eventbrite.  The easiest way to access tickets is to:

  1. Hit the Buy Tickets Button 
  2. If you are on a computer, you will see to the left the option to buy tickets without picking out specific ones.  To your right is the “buy on map” option.  I RECOMMEND USING THE BUY ON MAP option. If you are using your cell phone, you will just see the map.  You can make the map bigger to select your seats.
  3. Once you pick a seat, you will then have to choose adult or child, unless it is an aisle seat.  

HELPFUL HINT:  Take your time and pick one ticket at a time.  Wait until that ticket is confirmed  (it turns white)  before picking the next ticket. 

  1. Once you have chosen all your seats, they will be in white on the chart.  PLEASE BE VERY SURE THESE ARE THE SEATS YOU WANT.  You will NOT have a chance to review seat choices once you hit the checkout button.
  2. Once you are satisfied with your seat choices, hit checkout and enter your checkout information and hit submit.   

HELPFUL HINT:  If you leave the ticket site before checking out, please wait an hour before going back into Eventbrite.  That way the tickets you previously picked will be “released”  and you can choose the same ones again if you want.


All those attending will need to bring a paper ticket or a ticket on the Eventbrite app to the performance. If you have questions or problems, please call the BHF Office at 413-733-4759 or email mytrinitybhf@gmail.com.