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Lent Photo a Day Challenge

The Communications and Publicity Committee created a Photo-A-Day Challenge (or video or craft that you can share) for Lent. Beginning on Ash Wednesday (February 26) through Easter Sunday (April 12), we will publish a word, a verse, or a prayer each morning on social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter) and on this website and encourage you to show us your interpretation of it. Comment with #TrinityLentPhotos on the social media sites so we can find you easily. We hope that this will help you focus on the meaning of Lent as we prepare for Easter and the Coming of Christ. If you don't do social media, you can email your submission to Wendy or to the publicity committee.

Our words, verses, and prayers come from "Words for the Wilderness: Sustenance for the Wilderness of Lent." Prayers written by Sarah Are for A Sanctified Art (

You can photograph anything, film anything, or craft anything as long as you can share it on our sites. We will choose an image of the day to share on our bulletin board (for video clips, we may ask for a thumbnail of your choosing) and will later compile a video of the images and clips to share during our Easter Breakfast on April 12. Later we may post it on our website or our YouTube channel.

There is no time limit for submitting your creation, just submit it any time before Easter.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are using images of people, be sure you have express permission for public use. We have photography/video permission forms available if you need them.


All submissions for the Lent Photo a Day Challenge can be viewed here



Feb. 26 Ash Wednesday--Do Not Be Afraid

Read Matthew 17:5-7

Prayer: God, I hate to admit that I know fear like the back of my hand. It comes too easily in this complicated world. So when I am in the wilderness of my own fear, draw near to me. Give me the courage to be where my feet are. Give me the courage to be where you are. Amen.

Feb. 27--Into the Depths of the Sea

Read Micah 7:19

Prayer: Dear God, sometimes sin seems to cling to me like a magnet. However, you promise to cast my sin into the depths of the sea. In other words, you pull my sin as far away as possible. There is nothing i could do to earn that, which is how I know you are a God of grace. Thank you for your undeserved love. It changes me. Amen.

Feb. 28--Water will Come

Read Exodus 17:5-6

Prayer: God, at times my soul is parched. I wear myself thin with work and the need to be productive, with technology and expectations. So I ask you today, will you stand in front of me as you did at Horeb? Bring water. Saturate my soul and fill me back up, for I know I will be thirsty until I drink from you. Amen.

Feb. 29--Surrounded

Read Hebrews 12:1

Prayer: Gracious God, I am not alone.  I know that when I run, I run with you.  I run the path that loved ones paved before me.  In my loneliest moments, open my eyes to the cloud of love around me.  Keep me surrounded.  Amen.

March 1--Shadows

Read John 12:35

Prayer: God of the light, I often have no idea just how much I need you.  I've grown accustomed to walking in my own shadows.  Today I pray, turn the light on.  Flood my reality with your radical love and guide me to a new path.  Amen.

March 2--Anointed

Read John 12:3

Prayer: God, your love for humanity is like Mary and her perfume--extravagant and surprising.  I long to love you with that same passion, so teach me to be bold.  Remind me to take risks, and strip away any pride or greed in me.  Amen.

March 3--Inhale

Read Psalm 118:28

Prayer: Redeeming God, as I inhale, may my prayer be, "You are my God."  And as I exhale, may my prayer be, "I will give thanks."  May my faith be as constant as that--a deep breath in, and a deep breath out.  And may your presence be as close as the air in my lungs.  Amen. 

March 4--Look up

Read Psalm 121:1-2

Prayer: Creator God, you are with me in the valley and on the mountain top.  When I am stuck at the bottom, give me the strength to look up.  Give me the strength to look for you.  Amen.

March 5--Sincere faith

Read 2 Timothy 1:5

Prayer: Creator God, faith has always been personal.  It has always come with a name.  Today I am particularly grateful for those who have gone before me--those who have taught me how to love and how to pray.  Thank you for their presence in my life.  Thank you for their gift of faith.  Amen.

March 6--My sibling's keeper

Read Genesis 4:8-10

Prayer: God of Love, too often there is blood crying out from the ground--the blood of wars and abuse, of gun violence and mass shootings.  The list goes on.  So when I tell myself that I am not my sibling's keeper, remind me otherwise.  Where there is violence, give me the strength to sow peace.  Amen.

March 7--Mighty Waters

Read Psalm 32:6-7

Prayer: Creator God, you call us out of our comfort zones every day, challenging us to love bigger than our world is used to.  However, your love is not just a push or a challenge.  Your love is also a resting place, and sometimes I forget that.  So today, I give you thanks for the moments when you hold my heart.  Thank you for being my resting place.  Amen

March 8--Tempted

Read Matthew 4:1

Prayer: Jesus, you know the wilderness just as much as I do.  You know temptation.  You know suffering.  You know loneliness.  You know hunger.  Remind me in my hardest moments that you have been there too.  I am not alone.  Amen.

March 9--A watered garden

Read Isaiah 58:11

Prayer: Creator God, you are water in the desert.  So today I pray that you will flood the parched places of my life.  I offer them up to you--my dusty dreams, sandy memories, and barren hopes.  Revive me as only you can.  Amen.

March 10--I thank my God for you

Read Romans 1:8

Prayer: Gracious God, I am not alone in this journey of faith.  Remind me of the people who walk alongside me.  Remind me that they are my family--they are my church.  Help me to love them as you do.  Amen.

March 11--Create in me

Read Psalm 51:10

Prayer: Gracious God, make me a blank slate.  Wipe away my sin.  Wipe away my pride and my low self-esteem.  Fill my heart with your love.  Create in me a clean heart.  Amen.

March 12--Boldly

Read John 19:38-40

Prayer:  Holy God, what I would give to have faith like Joseph, a faith that defied fear to do what is right.  Fill my heart with your holy conviction so that I may live like Joseph and Nicodemus--intentionally and boldly, living for love and living for you.  Amen.

March 13--Waiting

Read Psalm 130:5-6

Prayer:  Patient God, I have never been good at waiting.  I long for a clear answer and a fast decision.  Not knowing is painful and discernment uncomfortable; and yet, I am hopeful.  I know you hear me, so I pray: walk with me through the seasons of waiting.  And in time, grant me peace. Amen.

March 14--Multiplied

Read Psalm 40:5

Prayer:  Creator God, with every full moon and trip to the mountains, I am amazed by you.  I am enchanted by every change of season and the gift of new life.  I see your fingerprints everywhere.  There truly is not enough time for me to list out all the good you have done.  Remind me of that on the hard days.  You have multiplied beauty, love, and hope in this world.  They will have the last word.  Amen.

March 15--A promise

Read Isaiah 43:16B

Prayer:  Holy God, you know my heart.  It is flawed, fearful, and so easily lost.  I am certain that I do not deserve a love that never gives up, and yet, that is exactly what you offer.  that is exactly what you promise.  Thanks be to God for a love like that.  Amen.

March 16--Heart

Read Ezekiel 36:26-28

Prayer:  God, what I would give to have your Spirit within me.  I long to be more like you--to love without abandon, to sing without fear,  to lie without greed.  Soften me and open me up so that I may live, create, speak, and walk from your source of love.  Amen.

March 17--New

Read Isaiah 65:17, 20

Prayer:  Gracious God, you often dream dreams bigger than I can imagine, painting pictures of that which feels impossible.  Challenge me to dream like you dream.  Make me new.  Make me like you.  Amen.

March 18--The Light

Read Ephesians 5:8-9

Prayer:  Gracious God, I know the shadows well--the corners of my heart consumed by greed, envy, and fear.  Today I pray, draw me into the sun.  Warm my bones.  Let me breathe in the light, and fill my lungs with star dust.  I need your warmth, so teach me to stay in the light.  Amen.

March 19--You Are With Me

Read Psalm 23:1-4

Prayer:   God I long for your scripture to become the song in my head--the words I say on repeat.  Give me the wisdom to remind myself that you are with me no matter where I go.  Amen.

March 20--Land

Read Jeremiah 2:7

Prayer:  Creator God, sometimes wilderness finds us, but in other situations, we create barren, toxic wilderness spaces for ourselves.  We have done that with your earth--cutting down the rainforest, polluting the oceans, and stripping the world of her resources at an unnecessary rate.  Teach me what to do next.  Set my heart on fire for your justice.  Amen.

March 21--All

Read 1 Corinthians 10:1-4

Prayer:  Creator God, your history is one that includes everyone.  All were together.  All were fed.  all were known.  Remind me of that truth when I feel invisible in this big world.  Your narrative includes all of us.  Amen.

March 22--Complete

Read 2 John 1:12

Prayer:  God of community, grant me the strength to reach out to those who mean much to me, for it is safe to say that we all find ourselves in the wilderness in some way or another.  Clear my heart of that which keeps me from connection.  Make my joy complete.  Amen.

March 23--Healed

Read Luke 7:7

Prayer:  Gracious God, sometimes the wilderness looks like hospitals and feels like depression.  Sometimes it sounds like anxiety and moves like grief.  And in those moments, I so desperately need you.  So speak as only you can, for we could all use a little healing.  Amen.

March 24--The Builder

Read Hebrews 3:4

Prayer:  Creator God, you build relationships and memories.  You build moments and seasons.  You build hope and love.  So today I pray that you build hope and love in me.  Build me up to be the person you call me to be.  Build me up to be the person you need me to be.  Amen.

March 25--Filled

Read Exodus 16:11-12

Prayer:  God of bread and cup, I am quick to grumble, for the world often tried to convince me that I do not have enough.  Turn my fear of scarcity into an attitude of abundance.  Help me to see that there is enough and that I am enough.  Help me to see that even in the wilderness, we do not walk alone.  Amen.

March 26--Steadfast

Read Psalm 31:14-16

Prayer:  God you never promised that a life of faith would be an easy life.  There are days and moments that threaten to tear me apart.  In those moments, remind me that I am not alone. You are steadfast.  You are always with me.  Warm me like the sun, and surround me with your presence.  Amen.

March 27--Remember

Read Philippians 1:3

Prayer:  Gracious God, you have placed people in my life that I could not imagine living without--people that taught me the depths of my heart and my capacity to love.  Remind me that these relationships are a gift and empower me to love these people as you would have me love.  Amen.

March 28--Mine

Read Jeremiah 32:38

Prayer:  God, you call us into relationship.  You claim us.  You see us.  You desire to be with us.  Such love is too big for me to comprehend, so today I pray that you might open my heart to the relationship you offer.  Remind me that I am yours, and you are mine.   Amen.

March 29--The Cause

Read Psalm 146:7-8

Prayer:  God of the oppressed, I am confident that you are with the poor and the sick, the afflicted and the oppressed.  I am confident that you stand by victims of racism, sexism, homophobia, and prejudice.  Their cause is your cause.  Help it to be my cause too.  Amen.

March 30--Who?

Read John 18:7-8

Prayer--Gracious God, even at the end, you were living for others.  Even in the end, you were working to protect your disciples--those who had betrayed you.  That type of love is a radical love, so if you will, teach me to love like that.  Teach me to pay attention to those around me.  Amen.

March 31--Grace

Read Ephesians 2:8-9

Prayer--God of grace, if salvation depended on me and my good works, I would be a lost cause, for I am too prone to sin.  Today I thank you for your grace.  I don't deserve it.  I can't earn it, and still you offer it.  There are simply not enough ways to say thank you.  Amen.

April 1--Morning

Read Psalm 143:8

Prayer:  God, at times I wonder if you created the sunrise to remind me that life can start over--life can have new beginnings.  Today, I pray that you would warm my bones with your morning light so that I might feel you again.  Let today be a new day, for as surely as the sun will rise, I will always need you.  Amen.

April 2--Forgive

Psalm 130:1-4

Prayer:  God, I am blinded by my own sin.  There are some sins that I am aware of that I long to change, and other sin that I am not even aware I commit.  It amazes me that despite my ignorance and stubbornness, you still forgive me.  Today I pray--eliminate the space between me and you.  Hear my apology and teach me to be more like you.  Amen.

April 3--Blessed

Read Luke 24:50-53

Prayer:  God, I wish I was there that day--the day you laid hands on the crowd and blessed them.  I wish I was there that day so that my faith was rooted in touch and contact as opposed to hope alone.  However, I wasn't there, so in the meantime, open my eyes to see every hug, handshake, and interaction as a blessing.  Open my eyes.  Amen.

April 4--Grumble

Read Exodus 16:1-3

Prayer:  God of the wilderness, sometimes I feel like it's the fifteenth day of the second month in the wilderness, and I don't know where to go from here.  Guide my feet.  Calm my anxious heart.  Teach me to replace the fear that grumbles within me with a song of gratitude.  Amen.

April 5--Jerusalem

Read Mark 10:33-34

Prayer:  Holy God, you knew all along.  You knew that your love was too radical for our human reality.  You knew that we would rebel.  You knew that you would be killed, and still, you walked into Jerusalem.  It is hard for me to fathom the pain of that reality.  Forgive me when I am like the priests and scribes.  Forgive me for all the moments I turn away from you.  Amen.

April 6--Mortal

Read Ezekiel 37:3

Prayer:  God of the Wilderness, at times I feel like I am standing in a desert, like dry bones worn out by prejudice, grief, and the hurt of the world.  Yet even in the desert wilderness, flowers bloom.  Stir up hope in me.  Bring new life my way, as only you can; for even in the desert, I know that I am not alone.  Amen.

April 7--Loose the Bonds of Injustice

Read Isaiah 58:6-8A

Prayer:  Gracious God, give me the strength to recognize injustice when I see it, and to do something about it.  build a fire in my heart that burns for this world.  Amen.

April 8--Gone Astray

Read Matthew 18:12-14

Prayer:  Gracious God, I have a wandering heart.  I am so easily distracted by the ways of this world that I forget what path I am following.  I don't deserve your celebratory love--a love that throws open doors and runs to meet me everytime I come home.  I don't deserve it, and yet I don't know what I'd do without it.  Thank you.  Amen.

April 9--To the end

Read John 13:1

Prayer:  Gracious God, at the end of this life, I long for my reputation to be that I loved until the end, that I gave until the end, that I followed you to the end.  So with every step along my path, create space in my heart for love to grow.  Make me more like you.  Amen.

April 10--Overcome

Read John 1:5

Prayer:  God of light, my prayer is to be overcome.  Overcome the parts of me that doubt myself and deny you.  Shine light into the corners of my heart and remind me that no matter how dark the day might seem, a light shines in the darkness.  Amen.

April 11--I Believe

Read John 9:35-38

Prayer:  God, I long for a faith of conviction.  Instead, I seem to know you in fleeting moments like a roller coaster of faith and doubt, shaped by the world I live in.  I pray, strengthen my belief and help my unbelief. Open my eyes to you.  Amen.

April 12--Peace

Read Luke 24:36-40

Prayer:  God of the impossible, you showed up in the upper room to offer peace to your disciples.  It was personal and specific, not corporate or rote.  I know that you offer that same piece for me, so open my eyes to see you in my midst, for I will never stop wanting to be closer to you.  Amen.