Sunday Worship 10:30 a.m.

361 Sumner Ave.
Springfield, MA 01108

Twelve Days of Boar's Head Patrons


Christopher Davis

Steve Hays

Wilson and Barbara Taylor



Jacki Barden

Mr. Christopher Carr

Debra and Douglas Jangraw

Deb and John Lanoue

Jane Schneeloch



Marilyn Adamo


Cynthia Biernacki and Diane Terglia Fera

Dr. Donald and Holly Blair

Susan Boucher

Rev. Paul and Mrs. Linda Briere

The Campbell Family

Kim and Bill Carlos

Deborah Carrington

Jack Clark

Kathleen Crawford

Michael DeNucci

Edith Dorang

Kim Downing

Michael Foley


The Garrity Family

Beverly and Charlie Gray

Patrick and Laurie Halpin

Jane Hetzel

Barbara Hill

Jennie Hill

Nancy and David Holloway

Barbara Hughes and Alan Cohen

Jim and Lynn Kane

Carol Kennedy

Mr. and Mrs. Kashmir Kielb

Emma Louise Koziol-Heyman

Anne Landry and Rich Brazeau

Conrad Lanoue and Deborah Reed

David and Cindy LeDoux

Stephen and Joyce Lewis

Barbara Loh

The Malehorn Family

Paul Meneghini

Carl Morris

Ann Mortell

Sean Mulcahey

Dorothy Mulvey

Susan Mulvey

The Niemiec Family

Pam Pearson

Stan Pyzocha

Dr. Susan Roberts

Dr. Erik and Joanna Rosenthal

Dr. Karen Saakvitne

Henry and Cora Scherer

Ronald and Rosalyn Shepard

Terry, Laurie, and Elizabeth Snider

St. Pierre-Phaneuf Funeral Chapels

Virginia Young and Roman Polaski

Tony and Nancy Zulkeski




Dolores Asselin

Gordan and Donna Avery

Amanda Basile

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Blanchard

Deborah Bock

Ellen Boyle

Teri Brand

Caroline Broome

George Button

Beverly and Frank Campbell

The Cherichetti Family

Alfred D'Amato

Cindy and Paul Duprey

Kathleen Duquette

Marilyn and Steven Elek

Lynne Frederick

Tom and Lori Hajczewski and Holly Craver

Janice Hargis

Ruth Harms and Stephen Hickman

Becky Isaacson

William Kern

Lisa Kessler

Dolores Kubasek

Thomas Langrell

Denise Lind

Kati Litten

Velma Marotte

Joanne and David Marriott

William and Nancy Meehan

Carey Noonan

Nathan and Joanna Olin

Thomas O'Neil

Julie Pike

Larry and Bev Ratte

Wendy Regan

Carlene Renaud

Allen and Cheryl Anne Robare

Dr. James Schumacher and Dr. Lorraine Mangione

Alice Shertle

Matthew Snyder

Marcia Spencer

Jon and Lee Steele

Margot Sweetland

Joanne Teehan

Virginia Thomas

Bernadette Wyman

Joseph and Denise Zarlengo



Rosemary Agostinucci

Marilynn Bailey

Rochelle Benoit

JoAnn Bourquard

Colleen Bugbee

Maeleah Carlisle

Lois Cignoli

Paul Clough

Margaret Commisso

Teresa Concepcion

H. Richard Cornwell

Stewart and Carol Creelman

Jean Dempsey

Patricia Egan

Jo Anne Evans

Anne Falcone

Pam and Hank Fiaconne

Elaine Forgie

Dianne Fraska

Faith Fuerst

Barbara and Fred Gauger

Gail Goodenow

Paul and Donna Gourinski

Constance Grise

Alyssa Guerin and Sam Boyd

Claire Howard

Barbara Huber

Patricia Kapitzky

Kathleen Kennedy

Mike and Kathy Kruzel

Kathryn LaMontagne

Tim and Cary LeGeyt

Kevin and Shauna Lennon

Deborah Leopold and David Sacks

Diane Madore

Deb Marden

Sharon Marean

Sarah Murray

Cynthia Nasman

John and Linda Olender

Beth and Jason Pajak

Carol Palmer

Patrice Patla

David Pinder

Rosemary Polletta

Carol Reynolds

Matt and Laura Rosenberg

Beverly Sager

Vinson and Lynda Scicolone

David Snyder

Ron St. Laurent

Alison Stefanik

Joan Steiger

Jeanette Sutcliffe

Anne-Marie Szmyt

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Thompson

K. Joy Toll-Chandler

Elizabeth Trabulis and Luis Calderon

Kathleen Walsh

Robert Whitney

Diane Young


All donations received after January 5, 2021 will be acknowledged in future listings.