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Children and Family


Pastor Erin's letter to the children of Trinity:


Dear Trinity kids,

I miss you so much! I miss the children’s moments when we danced down the aisle, sang silly graces, guessed what mystery object I brought with me, took a look at stories or illustrations, and prayed together. I miss watching the acolytes walk down the aisle and light the candles to start the service. I miss hearing the choristers and jubilee singers sing. I miss watching the dance movement choir bring light, shadow, and prayerful movement to the service. I miss seeing you downstairs for church school or gathering by the side door before you went to Chapel Kids.

I miss you. I miss the ways we were free to interact before COVID-19. This time of social distancing or staying at home has been tough, but I’m grateful for the memories of our time spent together; and, I trust that we will be able to gather again in the future when the threat of COVID has faded away.

Though we cannot be together in the way that we once were, we at Trinity are committed to finding other ways to make new memories, learn and grow in God’s love, and stay connected in a safe way.  I’ll share some more about that in mid-September.

Until then, be well, stay safe, and know that I’m thinking of you J


Pastor Erin


I’ll post information about new programs and ministry opportunities here by mid-September.


In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you.

Families, please take a few minutes to fill out this survey. Your input will really help the education and formation team put together meaningful programs that are fitting for this time.

You can find the survey here


We hope these images from the past bring back pleasant memories for our Trinity kids and their parents.  You can click on individual pictures for a larger image.