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Children and Family

Summer Fun Activities

Our Director of Family Ministries and Connections Rob Powell has put together some fun activities for the summer.  He hopes kids and families will come out for fun and fellowship together this summer.


August 6   Field Day  Noon

August 20  Bible Pageant   6:00 p.m. 

Bible Story Fun

What:  Bible story fun

When: During Sunday worship, from second hymn on, June 5 – August 28

Who:  Ages 4-8

Where:  Downstairs opposite nursery

Leaders:  Rob Powell & Leslie Hastings & volunteers

Parents must drop off and pick up their child.  If your child was registered for the 2021-2022 program year, you will just sign your child in.  If participants weren’t registered for LIGHT@9 church school during the 2021-2022 program year, parents will need to register their child the first time they come.  You can do this when you bring your child or you can email Leslie Hastings at leslieahastings@gmail.com.  Then you will just sign in your child each week.



LIGHT@9 will resume September 18!  Watch for announcements highlighting the exciting plans for fall.

Trinity’s Church School has a new look and a new name, LIGHT@9 (Learning in God's House Together at 9).  Children ages 4 through grade 5 are meeting together in Vincent Hall where we are using a rotation model curriculum.  They are spending three to four weeks working with each Bible story and learning it through different means each week.  The stories are presented through six possible workshops—games, art, music, drama, science, and video, and cooking.

This model is a wonderful adventure for both teachers and children and has provided the opportunity to try something new and different as we return from being away for so long.

All children ages 4 through grade 5 are invited to join the fun every Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m. in Vincent Hall.  We will be resuming in the fall and invite all children and youth ages 4 through high school to join our church school classes.  Ages 4 through Grade 5 meet in Vincent Hall and middle and high school classes meet on the second floor.  


Chapel Kids

Chapel Kids will resume in September.
Chapel Kids is a worship service that we create together, for ages 7 -12.  We meet in our Chapel, and come together with our prayers, our thoughts, our questions and our creativity.  The kids participate in the beginning of the worship service in the sanctuary and then move into the chapel to have time together.  Chapel Kids runs every Sunday except the first Sunday of the month (Communion) and special Sundays.  We hope you join us!
During Lent, the Chapel Kids created a Lenten Garden as part of their worship experience.

Children's Message

Every Sunday there's a special Children's Message during the worship service in the sanctuary.  Rob Powell, the Director of Program Ministries and Connections, shares a message just for children that goes along with the sermon and theme for the day.  All children are invited to join him on the chancel steps and participate.


Ice Cream for Breakfast

LIGHT@9 concluded for the program year on May 22 with the "traditional" Ice Cream for Breakfast celebration.  It was a warm but beautiful day and we welcomed many of the students who had been a part of LIGHT@9 during the year for ice cream and games. Some pictures of this event are shared at the bottom of this page and the remainder are available on the Trinity Photo Blog

These are some images from ice cream for breakfast, Chapel Kids, and Children's Messages.