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United Women in Faith

United Women in Faith's mission is to support women, children and youth in the community.  As it fosters spiritual growth and develops leaders, United Women in Faith seeks to improve the lives of women, children and youth in the United States and internationally. United Women in Faith advocates on peace and justice, economic inequality, education, the rights of children, human rights and farm workers' rights. We support our work with a scriptural basis and adheres to the denominational mandates in The Book of Discipline and The Book of Resolutions.
To learn more about the United Methodist Women in Faith organizagion (formerly United Methodist Women) please visit their website.
Trinity's United Women in Faith officers are pictured below:
Pictured from left to right: Susan Mulvey, Hope Lewis, Holly Blair, Brenda Sheldon
Special Advent Celebration for December 19

The United Women in Faith gathered to recognize the Advent season.  After a "meet and greet" session, the attendees were treated to dinner and a program of music by Regina Karwiec.  They collected gifts of toys and stuffed animals which were donated to the children and parents attending the Open Pantry Community Christmas Dinner.

These are images from the fun-filled evening.