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Transformation Through Generosity--2022 Stewardship Campaign

The Stewardship & Finance Committee challenges you to become more financially generous to Trinity this year. How do we transform from frugal generosity to generous generosity? It’s not easy. It is really hard to tithe 10% of your income to your church when you do not know what is financially around the corner. What does it take to be generous? A leap-of-faith? A step out into the unknown? A dive off a diving board? If you’ve always been financially frugal instead of financially generous, it can be quite challenging to make this financial transformation. One way we can transform the spirit of generosity in our lives is through “prayerful willingness”. This is the prayer . . . “that leads to our best self, the self born in the image of God to be loving and generous.” Who are you? Ask God to bring out your best self. You may find yourself becoming more loving and more financially generous in many new and surprising ways. Credit: Scott McKenzie and Kristine Miller, The Generosity Challenge – 28 Days of Gratitude, Prayer, and Faith. 

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