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Theme for the 2023-24



What do you think of when you see the word, reflections?  Your reflection in a store window?  A glance in the mirror in the morning? A bridge reflected in the still waters of a pond?

Or perhaps you were recently reflecting on a subject, or an issue that came up or what someone said.  Sometimes we might say “That will reflect on me.”   The scripture chosen to ground our theme captures how reflection can turn us both inward and outward. 

As water reflects the face,

so one’s life

reflects the heart.

Proverbs 27:19

The worship committee invites you to immerse yourself in our theme this year.  We have already had a silent retreat looking at how God is reflected in the world.  One of the stations asked the participants to reflect on how God is reflected through the lives of people represented in our stained-glass windows.  You may want to do this yourself one Sunday before or after worship.

If at any time you would like to post a favorite reflection photo please do so on either Facebook or on Instagram and use the hashtag #trinityspringfieldreflects.  Also consider posting what you find yourself reflecting on these days.

We are sharing a poem written by one of Trinity's members:

REFLECTIONS – a poem by Camille Twining

What does God see

When my face is angry

Sorrowful, grief stricken

What does God see

When I am on my knees

Sad, heartbroken

What does God see

When the devastation

Is so great that

Forgiveness is not possible

What does God see

When I wear a mask

When it’s too hard to ask for what I need

What does God see

When I feel unworthy

Less than

Does God see me?

Does God see the tiny spark

Deep inside

The flame of hope, the person I want to be

What does God see?

I pray God sees me

All of me

And loves who I aim to be

God Sees Me.


Most importantly, as we continue into this program year,  let us reflect the love of God to all we meet.