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Rob's Taize Pilgrimage

Journey (virtually) with Rob on his Pilgrimage to Taize

Rob is travelling to Taize, France to spend a week with the Taize Community. There he will engage in prayer, contemplation, and communal living with Christians from around the world. He plans to share his trip with Trinity through Instagram at @trinityspringfieldma, on Trinity's Face Book page, and here on this webpage. . Be sure to follow along! Please note- these updates are contingent on the quality of service and the battery life of Rob's phone. If posting stops, worry not! It's most likely that Rob's phone ran out of power and he can't find an outlet! 


We haven't been able to get pictures from Rob.  Those will be added after he returns home.  Please check back frequently for updates.  We will be posting his pictures as soon as he returns and we can access them.  You can sign up for Instagram and go to the Trinity page and see them now.

We know that he arrived in Taize after a long and difficult journey.

After his first worship service, he posted the following on Instagram:

Enjoyed my first service at Taizé. We meditated on scripture, spent time in silent prayer, and sang together. A powerful experience to collectively practice contemplation with Christians from around the world.

The next morning he posted:

Spending the morning in the company of one of the brothers and learning with people from many different countries. Scattered throughout the space are translators; exciting and lively to hear so many languages.

He also posted the following along with a picture of a hymn:

Happy are those who abandon themselves to you with a trusting heart. You keep us in joy, simplicity, and mercy.