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Trinity Community Gallery

The Primary Room is now home to the Trinity Community Gallery.  This was created to honor our forbearers' intent to create a "community cathedral".  We plan to encourage Trinity artists, community artists, and Springfield high school art students to share their artistic expressions in the coming months.

January Artist of the Month

We are pleased to welcome Barbara Coffin as the Trinity guest artist for January.  Barbara's amazing work has been featured in the past at Trinity auctions and fund-raisers and last year she had an exhibit of over 70 paintings at the Suffield Library.  We asked Barbara to share something about her paintings and this is her statement:

“I think I must have inherited an artistic gene from my mother who was a watercolor artist, and from a great uncle who was renowned for his paintings of the Canadian Rockies (Frederick Bell-Smith).

I have only come to know the joy of oil painting after raising a family and meeting a friend who got me involved in the art world painting with a small group ‘en plein aire’ and taking classes at night at the Salmagundi Club, a well-known art school in lower Manhattan, NYC.

Teachers who further stimulated my interest include: David Curtis, Rudy Coleo, T.M. Nicholas, Kevin McPherson, John Budiein and Linda Montefusco with whom I still study.”

Barbara Coffin

The galley in the Primary Room will be open on Sundays from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. or during the week by appointment.  We hope Trinity members and friends will take advantage of this opportunity to view Barbara's work in person.


The following photos are a preview of the gallery display.  We thank Nicole Baker for taking the pictures.