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Children's Ministries


Church School

Trinity's Church School classes for the school year 2019-20 will begin September 15 and continue through May for ages 3 through adult.  Classes are held every Sunday from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m.  Nursery care is available for children under the age of 3.  We look forward to welcoming new students as well as those returning from past years.



Preschool and Kindergarten: Students in the PreK/ Kindergarten class learn about God and the stories from the Bible through a variety of activities. The teachers of this class base their lessons on the All- in-One Bible Fun curriculum.

Grades 1-5: Students in the elementary grades learn Bible stories and Christian themes through fun, developmentally appropriate resources. The elementary classrooms follow the Deep Blue curriculum.

Grades 6-8: Students in the middle school class explores the Bible, Christian themes, and the intersection of faith and life through discussions, activities, and resources from Youth Ministry Partners.

Grades 9-12: Students in the high school class also explore the Bible, Christian themes, and the intersection of faith and life. This class has also been known to make Play-Doh sculptures and to cover a wall in sticky notes.


Special Bible Unit for Grades 3-5 beginning on January 19.  At the end of the unit any student who has not yet received a Bible from the church will receive one during worship service on February 23.


Chapel Kids 

The Chapel Kids got into the spirit of this year's Worship Theme "Friends and Neighbors" by choosing fabrics that represented the theme to them.  These fabrics were stitched together in a patchwork design along with other fabrics to make the altar cloth they use for their worship service.  The top banner is a picture of this altar cloth.


Parent Meeting

Sunday, March 1, at 9:00 a.m. during church school hour for parents of students of all ages.  The Education and Spriitual Formation Committee would like to talk with parents about how to engage children in the worship service.  The committee is looking for feedback as to what works and what doesn't.  All parents are encouraged to participate.


General Information Concerning Our Children's Ministries:

Nursery Care—open every Sunday from 8:45 to 12 p.m. for children from birth to age 3 under the direction of a staff member working with an adult volunteer to ensure a safe, loving, and happy environment for God’s youngest ones.

Church School classes meet every Sunday from 9-10 a.m. from September to May. The classes offer Christian formation opportunities under the direction of adult volunteer teachers. Registration is open all year and children can join the classes at any time.

Bible Story Time—meets during the worship service (following the Children’s Moment) for children ages 4-6 in the Bible Story Time room, next to the Nursery. There, a staff member leads the children in a time of reading, playing games, making art projects, singing, and praying. This program helps children learn the stories of the Bible. 

Chapel Kids—an optional worship service designed for children in elementary school, ages 7 and up designed to help children deepen their faith by interacting with each other, praying, singing, and creating. Chapel Kids is offered during the sermon portion of worship (following the middle hymn) and is located in the chapel.

Safe Sanctuaries Policy—creates a safe space for children and youth. An important part of this policy is the “Two Adult Rule,” which requires all ministries with children and youth to have two adults present at all times.  These adults (both paid and volunteer) are carefully screened to ensure the safety of our children.

Parents should note that our policy requires children in grade 5 or younger be dropped off by a parent or another designated adult to events and programs, such as church school. We do not permit children to wander the church unsupervised.

If you would like more information contact Pastor Erin at 413-737-5311 x201 or by email using this contact form.

The children's message is an important part of our worship services. Our pastors use different approaches to deliver their message and keep the children engaged.

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