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Confirmation 2020

Students in grade 9 are participating in a year-long confirmation program to prepare them to confirm their baptism, explore their identity within the community of faith, and to become official members of Trinity United Methodist Church. 

Confirmation is all about saying yes—

Yes, I want to continue to explore my faith and understanding of God.

Yes, I want to do so in this community of faith.

Yes, I think I can find my place in this community.

Yes, I value my experiences at Trinity so far and this community of people.

Yes, I appreciate much about Jesus and Christianity and believe the stories and practices of the faith can help me along my own faith journey.


How are the young people prepared to be confirmed?

  • Monthly classes on religious topics, such as faith, prayer, the Bible, and United Methodism
  • Planning an event - An Eco Crafts and Activities Workshop to be held in May
  • The confirmands receive prayer partners for whom they pray during the months leading up to Confirmation Sunday. The prayer partners also pray for the students as they prepare to make an important spiritual decision.
  • Service learning in our own city through the Urban Challenge Program
    • Singing and conversing with residents at Mason-Wright Senior Living
    • Helping with Holy Cross’s homeless ministry downtown
    • Learning about sustainable living with Kristin Brennen
  • Service learning with the City Reach Program in Boston
    • Spending the weekend learning about homelessness in Boston
    • Collecting needed clothing for the homeless ministry
    • Preparing food for the homeless ministry


How can the members of Trinity help the confirmands with the clothing collection?

Donate clothing for the youth to take with them.  Items are listed in order rank of their need:

  • New white socks
  • New underwear for both men and women, including new bras for women
  • Bags, backpacks, fanny packs, totes, etc.
  • Travel-sized toiletries, such as soap, shampoo, deodorant, lotion, or chapstick, toothpaste, shaving cream and disposable razors, tampons (no aftershave or mouthwash containing alcohol)
  • Gently Used Men’s Clothing (no women’s clothing needed).
    • Nylon jackets and pants
    • Ponchos and raincoats
    • Sweatshirts and sweaters
    • T-shirts and long-sleeve shirts
    • Casual pants

You can leave your donated items by the Connection Point in Asbury Hall on Sunday mornings up until Sunday March 22nd. Or, call the church for weekday drop-off.


Images from the Springfield Urban Challenge weekend: