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Animal Appreciation Recap

Trinity held its 11th annual Blessing of the Animals service on the afternoon of May 5, and on May 6, Wingmasters made a presentation on local raptors following the worship service.

On Saturday Erica from Urban Wildlife Rehabilitation talked about their longstanding work to rehabilitate injured and orphaned animals in the Greater Springfield area.  These animals include raccoons, skunks, porcupines, squirrels, foxes and other mammals.  A baby racoon that they are caring for was part of the presentation.

Kim George, founder and president of Kane’s Krusade, talked about her organization’s mission to help people who are struggling financially to keep their dogs, many of which are pit bulls.  “These are the dogs and the owners who are falling through the cracks,” George wrote on her website.   “We go right into their homes, bringing resources, information and opportunity where they live, removing barriers.”   

On Sunday after worship service Julie Anne Collier of Wingmasters made a presentation on local raptors.  The birsds she presented were American Kestral, Peregrine Falcon, Red Tailed Hawk, Eastern Screech Owl, Great Horned Owl,  Northern Saw-Whet Owl, and Barn Owl (no pictures of it). 

The images below are from both events.  Click on an image to enlarge it.  Or go to Trinity's photo blog for even more images.