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The Poetry of Lent

Instructions for Living a Life:

Pay Attention

Be Astonished

Tell About It

Mary Oliver

"Sometimes" Devotions p. 104

The forty days of Lent are the perfect time for reflection as we prepare for the events of Holy Week and the celebration of Easter.  To help us with our Reflections we hope you will download The Poetry of Lent devotional guide which begins with Ash Wednesday and continues with weekly devotionals along with the special days of Holy Week leading up to Easter. The guide’s introduction points out that Lent is “about broadening our hearts and preparing the way, making room for careful attention to what matters most.”

Scripture and the poetry of Mary Oliver will be our guides while prayer, meditations and practices will enrich our reflections this Lent.  If you would like to join others to go deeper into these devotions you’re invited to join Rob Powell on the Sundays in Lent in the Chapel at 12:15.

As noted in the introduction, you can do an on-line search and find the poems that are referenced for each of the devotionals.

Please note that there are blank pages between each week's devotionals so you will need to scroll through each to get to the next one.


Download Poetry-of-Lent-Digital-Booklet-.pdf