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Boar's Head Festival 2022

Dear BHF Patrons and Friends,

In this year of our Lord 2021, in these troubled and uncertain times, we are pleased to announce that Lord Asbury has sanctioned: 

Boar’s Head Festival 2022: A Light in the Dark

This year, in order to best bring you the spirit of Boar’s Head Festival in a safe, exciting production that truly uplifts the mission of BHF, we are fully staging our Festival with our wonderful cast, musicians, and artists, which will culminate in a video filming, to share via a link with our faithful audiences and extended family.   We all need the light and mission of BHF this year, and we look forward to sharing “Boar’s Head: A Light in the Dark” with you this January!

Please note: This year’s BHF is made possible by the generosity of our patrons and donors, who ensure that the light of BHF will keep shining during these times.  Through our supporters, this year we will be able to fund our artists and tech crew, all of whom graciously donated their time and talent last year for our 12 Days of BHF video project. 

If you wish to help support our mission by making a donation, please click on the Donate button below.  





Below are some fun "throwback" images from both the Boar's Head Festival of 2020 and the Twelve Days of Boar's Head from 2021. We look forward to the fully staged 2022 BHF production and video link!