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Boar's Head Festival 2022

Boar’s Head Festival 2022

A Light in the Dark


The 2022 Boar's Head Video is here!  Trinity's children and youth are pleased to present an informal backstage rehearsal view of this past year!  Our video will also share their messages of gratitude to our congregation and faithful supporters. You'll also get to enjoy never-before-seen views from the drone video, made possible by partnering with Focus Springfield.  We hope you enjoy it, and celebrate with our youth as they have upheld the spirit of Boar's Head during these challenging times.  
You can view this video on our YouTube channel.
To understand better how we got to this point, please read the statement below from the BHF Executive Committee earlier this year:


With the current COVID situation, it was not possible to proceed as planned with our filmed version of BHF.  As we have navigated this year, it was with the mission of Boar's Head as our mandate: to share the light of Christ.  One filming event doesn't determine that mission, so we continue to creatively and prayerfully go forward!

While we were not able to film the full “masked BHF,” as planned, we continue to uplift that mission.  Thanks to our donors, cast and crew, we were able to rehearse, teach, learn and come together safely this fall and early winter. With youth anxiety and depression rates skyrocketing, this has been of vital importance, offering stability and joy.  

In addition to our children, we have shared the magic of Boar's Head with our new staff, and folded them into the deep love that runs through it.  We have made important progress in getting BHF back on its feet for a full production, and making it sustainable going forward.  That is no small accomplishment during a pandemic!  

We continue to film short safe segments featuring our youngest performers, and creatively work to meet the challenge. We will have updates on our short video as filming becomes possible.  

The faith that our donors, extended family and cast have in BHF is inspiring. That support has nurtured our cast, and also allowed us to continue to uphold our commitment to local missions, and ensure that we will be able to rebuild that important level of mission support with future BHF’s.  It has also made it clear how important that connection between our cast and our audiences is to us all.   

One young sprite sends her message out to our audiences and donors: 

“Last year, it was fun to take Boar’s Head outside and film at night for the videos.  But this year, it was so amazing to be back in the space, in our church, to dance and hear the music.  I’m sad that the audience couldn’t be with us for our rehearsals.  I really miss them.  But this year was the first step back to them.”

Thank you for being with us as we take those steps, walking, singing and dancing, to being all together again soon.

Thank you,

The Boar’s Head Committee  


Below are some fun "throwback" images from both the Boar's Head Festival of 2020 and the Twelve Days of Boar's Head from 2021. We are optimistic that we will be able to stage the fill production in 2023.  Stay tuned and thanks for supporting us.