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Not Too Optimistic?

5/23/2020 | Pastor Erin

I came across this ten-minute video that Lutheran minister Nadia Bolz-Weber shared earlier this month. In it she gave me permission to let go of optimism. Actually, maybe she just helped me feel a little less guilty for my already dwindling optimism. She helped me understand hope and faith in a new way. She reminded ...

A Time for Everything

5/13/2020 | Pastor Rene

I am hoping that things will not go back to the way they were ...

What do we do with grief?

5/2/2020 | Pastor Erin

There are many emotions we might be feeling (or trying not to feel) right now. Some of those feelings may be related to grief. As Dr. Hillary McBride defines it, grief is “the presence of absence,” and we are certainly living in a season of absence. As the COVID-19 cases move into the neighborhood, the d ...

Coming back to Church

4/27/2020 | Pastor Rene

We need to come back to church SLOWLY, carefully and with a good plan to make sure that everyone is safe. ...

A Prayer for Today

4/24/2020 | Pastor Erin

O God, in this time we are living in, We are learning where we are not so bendy, Where we are inflexible, stiff. Let us pay attention to that. In moments when it is good and right, Stretch us, God. Move us. Loosen us up. And in other moments that call for a different stance, ...

Do Something You Have Never Done

2020-04-21 | Pastor Rene

The other day, someone wrote on their Facebook page that since they probably would not be able to go on vacation once this was all over, they were going to enjoy their corona-cation. I laughed. Even though I understand the seriousness of the virus, it was funny when I read it. I got the humor of it. People are just ...