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Sermon and Bible Study Series

Unraveled: Seeking God When Our Plans Fall Apart

(From A Sanctified Art)

“What happens when our world falls apart? How do we press onward when our tightly knit plans unravel into loose threads? What if all of this is not the end we fear it will be?”

As we continue to wrestle with our current Pandemic crisis, and seeing no end to what seems to be an endless number of new timelines towards normalcy, we are inundated with an infinitude of questions which feel to bring little comfort and hope. This sermon series (and weekly Bible study) explores stories of fear, grief, and unraveling dreams and expectations. These are stories where God meets people in their own unraveling and in the process weaves something new. Join us as we seek answers from old stories for a modern crisis.

Sermon Series:

Sunday, April 19 – “The Spirit of Connection” – John 20:19-29

Sunday, April 26 – “Seeking Understanding When Everything Has Fallen Apart.” – Job 28:12-28

May 3 –  Exodus 1:22, 2:1-20

May 10 – Matthew 14:22-33

May 17 –  Acts 9:1-20

May 24 –  Jeremiah 29:1-7


Bible Study Series: 6:30pm – 8:00pm

Wednesday, April 22 – Read Mark 5:1-20. Jesus heals a man possessed by demons. 

Wednesday, April 29 – Read Genesis 18:1-15 – The Lord appears to Abraham and Sarah

Wednesday, May 6 – Genesis 21: 1-21 – Hagar and Ishmael are sent away.

Wednesday, May 13 – Read 2 Samuel 3;7, 21:1-14. A Concubine Named Rizpah Mourns Her Loss.

Wednesday, May 20 – Exodus 5:1-2, 7:8-23. Pharaoh Hardens His Heart to Moses’ Request

 Wednesday, May 27 – John 4:1-29. The Samaritan Woman at the Well.