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Staying Connected


During this time of uncertainty and the inability to meet together as a congregation, it is important for us to have ways to stay connected with each other.  

All church activities including worship service, rehearsals, and meetings have been cancelled through April 5 (Palm Sunday).  However, we created this page as a way for the church staff to share messages and videos with the congregation.  Please check back frequently for new text and video messages and announcements of ways we as a congregation are staying connected.


Virtual Programs to help us stay connected as a congregation:

Pastor Erin created a Friday Prayer page to share prayer concerns and to invite us to gather remotely on Friday evenings for a time of prayer.

Pastor Erin created a Trinity Action Calendar with suggested activities for each of the weeks in April.  See how many of these you can complete.

Links to resources for meditation and staying connected:

Nicole's Friday mid-day devotion based on her Lenten Photo a Day journal

Wilderness Display poems for meditation

Daily prayers from the UMC New England Conference to help folks stay connected during this time of uncertainty due to the coronavirus.  

Worship Service March 22

Recorded messages from Pastor René.

Written communications from the Adminstrative Council and pastors.

Lent Photo a Day Challenge words, scripture, and prayers.

Lent Photo a Day pictures for days 1-8 with links to the subsequent weeks.

Coronavirus Updates page includes announcements and links to community pages. 






Worship Service March 29



Thanks to Pastor René, Pastor Erin, Becky, Teri, Kyle, and our videographers Chris and Nic for this excellent worship service recorded for Sunday, March 29.  

Order of Worship

March 29, 2020

Visual intro w/ music

Pastor René - Spoken intro/welcome

Kyle LaFleur – Prelude “Lamb of God”

Pastor René - Opening prayer and Lord’s prayer

Pastor Erin - "Children's Moment" (But not really, more of an invitation to the opening hymn with options for movement)

Becky - Opening Hymn: Spirit of the Living God (fall afresh on me) 2x...1st time as written 2nd time with plural pronouns (fall afresh on us)

Pastor René -Scripture – Ezekiel 37: 1-14

Teri LaFleur – “On Eagle’s Wings”

Pastor Erin – Sermon  “Will These Bones Live”

Closing Hymn – “We Shall Overcome” (Verses 1 & 2—We Shall Overcome and The Lord Will See Us Through)

Pastor Erin - Benediction 

Pastor René - Thank you and Announcements