Sunday Worship 10:30 a.m.

361 Sumner Ave.
Springfield, MA 01108

Worship Service August 23


We thank Pastor Erin, Becky, Janet, Melissa, Tommy, Ella, Zach, and videographer Nic for making this service possible.


Organ Intro



Sonata no. 2 in Eb major, "Allegro moderato" (J. S. Bach)                        Janet Dixon-Metcalf, flute





"Come, Let Us Sing" (J. Lindh)                                    The Butcher Family - Ella, Melissa, and Tommy



Call to Worship                                                                                     Mary Petrina Boyd, adapted

Loving God, call us together as your people; transform us with your love.
Transform our hearts, that we may love generously. Transform our eyes, that we may see your grace.
Transform our hands, that we may serve others. Transform our spirits, that we may be the body of Christ,

gathered to worship and sent out to serve. We are the body of Christ.



Special Music

"Sanctuary" (L. Larson)                                                                                    Melissa and Tommy


Scripture Reading                                                                                               

Romans 12:1-8                                                                                                            Zach Seyler



“God-given Gifts”                                                                                    Pastor Erin Newcomb-Moore


Special Music

"The Spirit of the Lord" (M. McDonald)                                                 Ella, Melissa, and Tommy


Pastoral Prayer & Lord’s Prayer


Closing Response

"Let the Sun Shine Down" (P. Johns)                                                            Ella, Melissa, and Tommy




Worship Service August 23