Sunday Worship 10:30 a.m.

361 Sumner Ave.
Springfield, MA 01108

Mountains and Valleys


The Worship Committee chose Mountains and Valleys as the theme to guide our worship this program year.

Important events in Scripture take place on mountains: Noah’s ark came to rest on Mount Ararat; Moses received the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai; Jesus shared the Beatitudes during the Sermon on the Mount. Many passages talk about valleys as places to camp and find grazing land for animals.

Mountains and Valleys can also be symbolic. When facing a tough challenge, we often refer to it as a mountain we must climb. We may call a profound spiritual event a mountaintop experience. Time in the valley could mean low points in our lives, or just a period when we find rest and peace.

One of the first ways we are celebrating Mountains and Valleys is through an art installation where members share their personal mountain and valley experiences. We all have many of these "moments" throughout our lives. Take time to reflect on your own personal and spiritual journey to recall such moments, whether or not you share them with others.

Pictured below are the Mountains and Valleys Art Installation and some of the individual submissions to the exhibit, including pictures of mountains that are meaningful to Trinity members. Some are of mountains in New England hiked by our hiking group and others are of the El Camino de Santiago pilgrimage taken by one of our members several years ago. Click on an individual picture for a larger image.