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Children's Ministries

Bible Story Time


First and Second Grade Sacraments Scholars Unit

Beginning on February 18 and running through March 11, our first and second grade Church School classes will be learning about our two United Methodist sacraments: baptism and communion during the Church School hour.  Through stories and hands-on activities, the children will come to better understand the sacraments and how they fit into our faith and worship.

Their four-week unit will include two field trips, one to the baptismal font to talk with Pastor John, and one to the sacristy and altar area to talk with worship chairperson Ellen Lutz.

This unit is a great chance for the children to learn to articulate what they have been observing and participating in for several years. We hope that all 1st and 2nd grade families will make an effort to be present all four weeks.


Third Grade Bible Scholars

During church school, from February 18 through March 11, Helen Adamo and Teri LaFleur will lead our Bible Scholars Program. This is a program specially designed to prepare third grade students to use their own Bible, which they will receive during worship on Sunday, March 11. To make sure we have enough Bibles and curriculum materials for all Bible Scholars, please email Pastor Erin ( ASAP if your third grader is planning to participate. We encourage participation for all four weeks.


Fourth and Fifth Grade Special Unit on Doors

Yes, doors. Our downstairs rooms are all named for important Methodist missionaries from the first half of the 20th century, and their names are on the doors. Our foruth and fifth grade class will learn about these missionaries beginning February 18.


Nursery Care—open every Sunday from 8:45 to 12 p.m. for children from birth to age 3 under the direction of a staff member working with an adult volunteer to ensure a safe, loving, and happy environment for God’s youngest ones.

Church School classes meet every Sunday from 9-10 a.m. from September to May. The classes offer Christian formation opportunities under the direction of adult volunteer teachers. Registration is open all year and children can join the classes at any time.

Bible Story Time—meets during the worship service (following the Children’s Moment) for children ages 4-6 in the Bible Story Time room, next to the Nursery. There, a staff member leads the children in a time of reading, playing games, making art projects, singing, and praying. This program helps children learn the stories of the Bible. 

IMG_6541LR.jpgChapel Kids—an optional worship service designed for children in elementary school, ages 7 and up designed to help children deepen their faith by interacting with each other, praying, singing, and creating. Chapel Kids is offered during the sermon portion of worship (following the middle hymn) and is located in the chapel.

Safe Sanctuaries Policy—creates a safe space for children and youth. An important part of this policy is the “Two Adult Rule,” which requires all ministries with children and youth to have two adults present at all times.  These adults (both paid and volunteer) are carefully screened to ensure the safety of our children.

Parents should note that our policy requires children in grade 5 or younger be dropped off by a parent or another designated adult to events and programs, such as church school. We do not permit children to wander the church unsupervised.

If you would like more information contact Pastor Erin at 413-737-5311 x201 or email