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Mary's Song and the Magnificent Women of Advent

 Advent begins December 3

"Advent means “coming” or “arrival.” It’s a season of anticipation, of actively waiting and preparing for Jesus to arrive, and to usher in a new world. In Bethlehem, yes, and also everywhere else, too, including our homes, our lives, our neighborhoods. Mary’s song, then, is about that day long ago; and it’s also about all of us, yesterday, today, and tomorrow."

From the Introduction, MAGNIFY by The Salt Project


The Worship Committee invites you to deepen your Advent Journey with the devotional booklet called MAGNIFY:  Mary’s Song and the Magnificent Women of Advent It comes from the Salt Project and invites us into weekly readings as we light the Advent candles in our homes.  Each week includes a scripture reading followed by the opportunity to reflect, to pray, to sing and then to choose from a variety of practices go even deeper.

Enrich the Advent Season with MAGNIFY by clicking on the link below for the digital copy.  If you would prefer a print copy, they are available in the sanctuary.


Download SALT_Magnify_DIGITAL-1.pdf